Hello. Thanks for visiting my website. You can see here the different things that I’ve been up to in theatre for the last fifteen years or so.

I’ve worked as a director, dramaturg, teacher and writer, in theatre and opera. To me, all of these jobs feel like the same thing. Mainly that thing is enjoying myself. But I hope it also has something to do with communicating with audiences, in ways both straightforward and surprising, ideas and feelings that are best expressed through live performance.

Right now, I’m focussed on starting a company – HERA – with Linda Hirst and Simone Ibbett-Brown, to make and tour opera and music theatre by diverse women. You can follow us on twitter @wearehera, or visit our website at www.wearehera.co.uk.

I’m also beginning work on a new play about musicology and the CIA, and am excited to complete a residency in a former GDR Watch Tower in Berlin in spring 2019.

I am 38, and have lived with the neurological disability ME for 20 years. I live in South East London, and am originally from Shropshire.